Spinal Stenosis

If you’ve received a diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis, you may be looking online for options regarding your surgery. If time is a consideration due to pain, we invite you to take a look at technology’s new minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery for Spinal Stenosis.

The Back Pain Relief Institute specializes in minimally-invasive spine surgery for the back and neck. If you’re suffering with pain from spinal Stenosis, it’s vital that you don’t waste time because experts agree that the longer you remain in pain, the longer it can take to recover after treatment. While there are a number of options available to you with regard to Spinal Stenosis, the Back Pain Relief Institute recommends endoscopic surgery for the most effective back pain relief, so you can return to a pain-free lifestyle.

If you’re dealing with Spinal Stenosis, there are non-surgical options available to you that you may not have tried. If surgery is to be a last resort, you should consider pain management, physical therapy, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle as your first options for pain relief. If these methods have proven to be ineffective, we invite you to call the Back Pain Relief Institute at 305-690-0722 to schedule a free consultation with an Endoscopic Orthopedic Surgeon who will review your MRI and explore your options with you.
After an accurate diagnosis has been made, if back surgery seems to be the best option, you’ll benefit most by endoscopic laser spine surgery that is minimally invasive and does not include fusion. The Back Pain Relief Institute in Miami does not perform fusion surgery because their surgeons do not believe it is in the best interest of their patients. Dr. Mork has designed his practice to preserve motion and avoid long-term complications that are associated with fusion.

Dr. Mork and his team do not operate based merely on what your MRI shows, but strive to determine precisely what your physical problem is so that it can be resolved in the most dynamic manner possible. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the first step in determining whether you are a candidate for endoscopic surgery. Benefits of endoscopic surgery over traditional surgery include:

– A smaller incision site

– Minimal or no blood loss

– Immediate recovery from surgery

– Reduction in the amount of pain medication needed

– Same day surgery

– A high rate of success

– An immediate improvement in the quality of life

– No loss of muscle or bone

For a complete list of benefits, feel free to visit the Back Pain Relief Institute website and take advantage of the valuable resources you’ll find there, including a thriving and engaging blog library, articles for research purposes, specific condition information and much more. If you’re thinking about having surgery for Spinal Stenosis, endoscopic surgery might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery is proven to be less traumatic to the body and comes with a shorter healing time-frame. Schedule your free consultation by calling 305-690-0722.


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