Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the most common health complaints, but it is also the most common reason people of working age opted to undergo spinal surgery. This leads to several important questions that will be answered below. From looking at what it is and what symptoms are often associated with it to exploring potential causes and treatment options, here is everything you need to know about disc herniation. Herniated Disc

Eye Lid Lift Kansas City

If you’ve been thinking about an eye lid lift in Kansas City, we invite you to visit the Premier Plastic Surgery website to determine if eye lid surgery is right for you. If you have healthy facial tissue and have no underlying vision, thyroid or cardiovascular issues, are a non-smoker and are not diabetic, you might be a prime candidate. Call the clinic at 913-782-0707 to request a consultation to learn more. Ppskc.com

Orthotics Pickering

Orthotics in Pickering are offered for excellent, low rates through Amberlea Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic. The professional orthotics treatments provided by Amberlea can help heal back pain as well as heel spurs. Scans and 3-D lasers are used custom treat the issue. Feet can take a lot of stress from being used all day but occasionally they can become tired and sore; Amberlea offers affordable solutions to help. Call (905)-492-5588. Amberleaphysiopickering.com

Microdermabrasion Frisco

Rodgers Dermatology

The skilled medical team at Rodgers Dermatology is well-trained for microdermabrasion at their Frisco, Texas facility. Staff members at Rodgers Dermatology are professionally trained in many areas such as acne treatments, Botox treatments, laser hair removal, and much more. For pricing and details you can contact Rodgers by calling (972)-704-2400 or viewing rodgersderm.com.

Retirement Homes Vancouver

Tapestry Senior Living

Are you looking at retirement homes in Vancouver? Tapestry Retirement Communities understands how important personal choice is when making the decision to move. For this reason, they offer their residents a wealth of options and services to ensure they are free to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Click on the ‘Our Communities’ link to learn more, or call Tapestry at 604.736.1640.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Philadelphia

Dynamic Life Recovery Centers understands that dual diagnosis treatment in Philadelphia is critical to meeting the needs of local addicts. Treating addiction in tandem with mental health disorders is essential to achieving successful recovery to those with an addiction that coexists with depression, anxiety, PTSD or another issue. Through faith-based treatment, you can be substance-free; find out more by calling Dynamic Life at 844-712-1080. Dynamicliferecovery.com

Open Mri Hialeah Fl

Many people, in one way or another, hate closed spaces, but at the Miami Open MRI clinic in Hialeah FL, you don’t have to worry about being closed up in a tube for an MRI. No more verge of freaking out, no more being closed up. Visit Miami Open MRI in Hialeah and get rolling. Call (768)362-6929. Miaopenmri.com

Reiki Session San Diego Ca

Sacred Transformations
(619) 204-0504

If you need a transformational Reiki session in San Diego, CA, contact Reiki healer, Sara Burns, at 619-204-0504 and request your free 20 minute Transformational session. Find spiritual, emotional and physical healing at the hands of Sara during a 2-hour Reiki healing. You can learn more by visiting the ‘Services’ link on her website’s home page. Sacred Transformations

Drug Detox Programs

His House Addiction Treatment
239 W 9th St
Upland CA 91786 US
(909) 340-4276

What Should I Expect from Drug Detox Programs? Drug Detox Program is a bit of catch-all term. The reason for this, of course, is that there are many different kinds of drugs, and they all have different requirements for successful detox. Detox, short for detoxification, is the process of removing the toxins that accrue from long-term and intense drug use. It also manages withdrawal symptoms, which are often extremely unpleasant and depending on the drug, potentially dangerous to the addict. A good drug detox program will prepare a treatment course specialized to the history of the patient. His House Addiction Treatment