Herniated Disc

If you’re suffering with a herniated disc and are looking at your options, we invite you to discover the benefits of minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery. The Back Pain Relief Institute offers options to traditional back surgery that are more advantageous and can ensure a faster healing time after surgery. Find out more on the Back Pain Relief Institute website or call 305-690-0722 to schedule your free consultation.

The key to successful treatment for a herniated disc is an accurate diagnosis by professionals. Dr. Mork from the Back Pain Relief Institute will do more than just glance at your MRI and recommend a treatment. As a spinal doctor dedicated to preserving motion and avoiding the long-term problems associated with more traditional back surgeries, like fusion, Dr. Mork and his team will perform spinal mapping to ensure a correct diagnosis for an exceptional treatment outcome.

Discover the benefits of minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery for herniated disc:

Smaller Incision Means Quicker Recovery

Endoscopic surgery is performed through a small tube that houses all of the equipment necessary to perform the operation. The incision needed to accommodate this tube is quite small. Open surgery will require several days of stay in the hospital and months of physical therapy, compared with endoscopic surgery, which is performed in outpatient surgery. Since the incision is only about the size of a postage stamp, it is closed with a stitch or two- and often with no stitches at all.

No Tissue or Muscle Trauma

Open back surgery often requires that tissue or muscle be cut. Endoscopic surgery does not require this trauma to tissues and muscles, greatly reducing the recovery time.

No General Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is all that is necessary for endoscopic surgery. Most patients are greatly relieved to hear that they will not be going to sleep under general anesthesia, since it’s a procedure that is best avoided, if possible. You’ll be awake during the endoscopic surgery, but not in any pain whatsoever.

Outpatient Surgery

If you’ve ever spent a night in the hospital, you can appreciate the cost-savings of outpatient surgery. Open back surgery typically requires a 2-3 day stay in the hospital. If you can’t afford to take that kind of time off of work, or are worried about mounting hospital bills, outpatient surgery is a great option- and one that minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery can offer.

Contact the Back pain Relief Institute in Miami at 305-690-0722 with any questions you have about endoscopic surgery. If you have a herniated disc and are looking for the quickest, easiest method of treatment, you’ll want to learn more about minimally-invasive endoscopic surgery.

If you’re scheduled for spinal fusion or have been looking at fusion as a solution to your back pain, Dr. Mork and his staff highly recommend that you schedule your free consultation in their office to discuss better options. Fusion is a procedure that can never be undone- and one that often leads to more problems than it seeks to solve.


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