Foraminal Stenosis

If you’re considering surgery for Foraminal Stenosis, we highly recommend that you call the Back Pain Relief Institute to learn more about your options. The Institute specializes in endoscopic laser spine surgery without fusion, designed to preserve motion and avoid the long-term issues so often associated with fusion. Request a free MRI review consultation by calling 305-690-0722.

If you’re seeking the ultimate minimally-invasive spine surgery, you’ve found it! In order to provide the best possible treatment, an accurate diagnosis is absolutely crucial. Since a quick view of your MRI might not be a close enough look to create a dynamic plan for your surgery, The Back Pain Relief Institute recommends Spinal Mapping to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Fusion is an irreversible procedure, so it’s essential that you understand that once you’ve made the decision and gone through with the surgery, there’s no turning back and no way to reverse what has been done. The Back Pain Relief Institute will work closely with you to determine whether you’re a candidate for their minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. Consider the benefits of endoscopic surgery for Foraminal Stenosis:

– Your procedure will be performed in a hospital or in an outpatient surgery center

– Post-op physical therapy is rarely needed for recovery

– Your incision will be no larger than half an inch!

– Dr. Mork from the Back Pain Relief Institute personally performs all post-op care

Whether you’re still at the beginning phases of your research into back surgery options or you’ve already spent more hours digging into information than you can recollect, you’ll find the valuable resources on the Back Pain Relief Institute website to be a beneficial addition to what you’ve already compiled. Feel free to watch the online video entitled ‘The Myths and Truths of Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery’. We’re certain you’ll find it informative and engaging as you collect data and continue your research.

Dr. Mork from the Back Pain Relief Institute has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding back surgery and answered them for potential patients. You’ll find them online by clicking on the ‘Conditions’ link and then selecting Back Surgery & Treatments. Before choosing a surgeon for Foraminal Stenosis, consider asking your surgeon the following questions:

1: How does the surgery you provide differ from what’s currently out there?

2: What will be the implications of the incision and how well will it heal?

3: Are there any potential complications and what can you do to reduce their likelihood?

4: What has been your rate of success with this particular surgical procedure?

5: Do I need pain mapping and can you tell me more about it prior to the surgery?

6: What is the prognosis for recovery?

7: Do I need someone to drive me to and from the surgery?

8: How long will I be required to stay in the area post-op?

Learn more about how the Back Pain Relief Institute can treat your Foraminal Stenosis with minimally-invasive techniques by calling the institute at 305-690-0722. Feel free to use the resources on the website in your search for the right spine surgeon.

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