Facet Joint Syndrome

If you’ve been diagnosed with facet joint syndrome, you may be searching for a solution to your pain. While there are numerous short-term solutions, one that offers long-term relief from pain is the obvious choice. The Back Pain Relief Institute offers minimally-invasive surgical options for serious pain relief. Find out more by visiting their website or by scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Mork.

Minimally-invasive surgery is the first choice to reduce the collateral soft tissue damage when performing the surgery. One of its main benefits is a smaller incision, although there are numerous other advantages with opting for endoscopic surgery; there is also less bleeding, less pain involved, a quicker recovery time, and patients can opt for out-patient surgery.

If you have not yet received a diagnosis for facet joint syndrome, but you feel that is the condition you’re dealing with, it’s essential that you receive an accurate diagnosis. Some symptoms of facet joint syndrome include back pain that is worse in the morning and is aggravated when leaning backward. Pain is typically felt off to the sides of the spine, rather than deep within the middle of the spine.

Feel free to read more on facet joint syndrome on the Back Pain Relief Institute website to learn about its symptoms and how endoscopic surgery can bring relief from pain. Visit the ‘Conditions’ link to get started, then select Facet Joint Syndrome. The ‘What’s New’ link will take you to the Institute’s blog library that is filled with valuable information on a range of spinal conditions. As well, there are several articles regarding Facet Joint Syndrome that may prove to be of value in your research.

There are a few treatments you can try before you decide on surgery to relieve the pain from Facet Joint Syndrome, including rest and oral anti-inflammatories. If simple treatments prove to be ineffective, chiropractic care may be helpful. Along with seeing a chiropractor, you may combine exercising, stretching and physical therapy to determine whether they will be effective in relieving pain. If your pain persists, injections are sometimes able to help patients manage their pain, however it’s impossible to tell whether they will yield short term or long term benefits.

Patients who are unable to obtain long term benefits from injections often seek out a more permanent solution to Facet Joint Syndrome and its symptoms. While spinal fusion is one option, the Back Pain Relief Institute highly advises against this type of treatment, since fusion often creates more problems for the patient than it solves.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mork in the Back Pain Relief Institute to learn how the endoscopic approach to facet joint syndrome may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Call the Institute at 305-690-0722 to schedule your visit and meet with Dr. Mork and his qualified team to find out how you can experience relief from back pain once and for all.

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