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We specialize specifically in endoscopic laser spine surgery without a fusion. We do not perform spine fusions. Dr. Mork has designed this practice to preserve motion and avoid the long term problems associated with fusions. Unlike most surgeons who operate based on just the MRI findings, our diagnostic method strive to determine exactly what your problem is so that it can be resolved. Endoscopic spine surgery represents the ultimate in minimally invasive spine surgery. This means we have to have the correct diagnosis to successfully relieve your pain. A quick look at your MRI may not be enough to create a plan for your spinal surgery. Spinal mapping may be very helpful to obtain the diagnosis.

Refuse to fuse if at all possible, a fusion is irreversible and there is NO turning back. We will work with you to advise if you are a candidate for minimally invasion endoscopic surgery.

Endoscopic surgery benefits include:

  • Surgery is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center.
  • Physical therapy is rarely needed post operation
  • No incision of larger than half an inch.
  • Dr. Mork does all post-operative care personally.

Surgical and alternative treatment options we provide:

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Back Pain Relief Self Help

This program focuses on the person, with the pain, rather than the specific treatment itself, and looks at lifestyle choices that may interfere with the normal healing miracles your body is capable of. This program looks at seven major areas of your life that may be contributing to your pain, seven areas that may be changed or modified if necessary. This is the start of a journey to look at and transform your physical and psychological well-being.

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