Back Pain Relief In 7 Steps

I believe in the healing potential of the body to heal most maladies including chronic neck and back pain.

The cost of this pain is huge to ourselves and family, not to mention society.

Although 80% of us will experience a bout of disabling neck or back pain in our lifetime, the fact is that 90% of the time, this pain will resolve itself completely in about 6 weeks. In the 10% of people that don’t heal spontaneously, there may be a few reasons.

One, the problem is mechanical (like a broken car part) and just not going to go away without some surgical treatment (actually quite unusual).

Two, your lifestyle choices do not provide the optimal environment for healing to occur.

If I have learned anything over the past 30 years of looking at painful necks and backs, it is the fact that significant arthritis, disc herniations, and stenosis can exist in the neck and back and be asymptomatic! This fact has been well documented in scientific studies as well. So having one of these conditions does not guarantee that you will have any symptoms or pain.

Most products that address chronic back or neck pain will emphasize some specific treatment without knowing the specific problem, as most people know they have pain, but not much more. I have seen pain get better with a wide variety of treatments. Why something works for one person and not another is mysterious.

Most discussions of back and neck pain don’t discuss the healing environment of the body to best promote healing; they focus on problems that are often present and asymptomatic in other people.

My question to you, is your healing environment optimal?

This program focuses on the person, with the pain, rather than the specific treatment itself, and looks at lifestyle choices that may interfere with the normal healing miracles your body is capable of. This program looks at seven major areas of your life that may be contributing to your pain, seven areas that may be changed or modified if necessary. This is the start of a journey to look at and transform your physical and psychological well-being.


Tony Mork, MD