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Dr. Tony Mork, Endoscopic Spine Surgery Specialist

Dr. Mork has personally performed more than 8,000 endoscopic spinal surgeries. He designed some of the specialized tools used in laser spine surgery and is constantly pursuing the improvement of spinal care as new innovations are developed.

Dr. Mork started developing endoscopic spinal surgery techniques in 1998. He is one of the originators and wrote or coauthored many of the original peer reviewed articles on endoscopic spine surgery. While others copy his techniques, he is always moving forward.

Endoscopic spine surgery represents the future of spine surgery, where the most minimal procedure is performed first without a fusion. If additional surgery is needed, you can rest assured that a larger procedure is necessary, like a fusion or disc replacement.

If you have a previous surgery that isn’t working out (failed back syndrome), there might be an endoscopic procedure that can help you. Dr. Mork has been able to help patients with prior failed spinal surgeries and fusions. Unlike most surgeons, who operate based on just the MRI findings, Dr. Mork’s diagnostic method will determine exactly what your problem is so that it can be resolved.

The goal is to cure your pain, not manage it.

My philosophy in orthopedics is to relieve pain and restore function and motion in a safe a way, using the most advanced endoscopic technology available. I do not perform fusions, since, in the vast majority of the cases, I don’t find them necessary. Refuse to fuse when possible.

Dr. Mork’s Philosophy

I "refuse to fuse" when possible.

My philosophy in orthopedics is to relieve pain, preserve motion, and restore function to the spine. I do not perform fusions. In the vast majority of cases, I don't find them necessary.

Endoscopic supine surgery represents a huge new development in the treatment of painful spine conditions that are not responding to exercise and pain management, but are not severe enough to need a fusion or disc replacement.

My goal is to cure your pain, not manage it.

I have noticed that very small problems can cause a lot of pain and disability for people. Chronic pain takes a lot from one’s life in terms of recreation, energy, work, relationships, focus and the enjoyment of life. I often wonder why people tolerate a painful neck or back for such a long time when there is a very small procedure available to treat these painful conditions.

The one-on-one experience is the key.

I believe in taking the time to understand and listen to your problem. It’s not nearly enough to put up your MRI and tell you what operation you need. It’s common to have more than one problem on your MRI, but only one that bothers you; understanding the problem that bothers you is the key to minimizing surgery. Once I have assessed your problem, I will take time to educate you about your diagnosis and the solution to your problem.

We will use models and MRIs so you can get a better understanding of your problem. We will develop a plan to relieve your pain and discuss any challenges that are present. If you have a problem that requires a fusion or disc replacement, I will make suggestions based on what I would do for myself, if I were in your situation. I love helping people figure out where the pain is coming from.

The best chance for success.

The key to success starts with the correct diagnosis of your problem. The number one problem I see in my office is not having a correct diagnosis of what’s causing your pain. I believe that the best chance of solving your problem is accomplished by knowing what your diagnosis is. I use an algorithm that is tailored and personalized for you.

There is no one else involved in your care but me and my staff, although I’m happy to collaborate with any of your trusted doctors. It’s as personal as it gets in the practice of medicine; the goal is to get your life back.

If you have multiple problems or pains, I will take the time necessary to perform the diagnostic work to understand your diagnosis before making a definitive recommendation. The diagnostic details can be critical to relieving your pain, I often refer to it as spinal pain mapping. These details can be things that only a surgeon with decades of experience can identify.

You’ll get all my years of experience of spine-only practice.

If surgery is necessary, I’ll employ the most advanced techniques, technology (laser) and equipment from Germany. The equipment and techniques are designed to create the least amount of collateral tissue damage when treating your problem. I’ve used minimally invasive surgical procedures, without a fusion, since beginning my practice and the instruments have just gotten smaller thanks to German engineering. Your safety is my number one concern.

A lot of thought has been put in place in my practice to provide you with the highest level of success and safety. This includes: pre-operative pain mapping if necessary to determine your diagnosis, surgery as an outpatient, and operating in a closed system (no exposure to air) with constant water flow (irrigation) to minimize complications, like infection.

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Endoscopic Spine Surgeon

- Dr. Tony Mork
Endoscopic Spine Surgeon



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